‘There May Be Something There’: Martha MacCallum Tells Tucker What She Thinks About Former Overstock CEO’s Claims, And Why

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked “The Story with Martha MacCallum” host Martha MacCallum for her thoughts Friday night after interviewing former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne the previous day.

Byrne spoke to MacCallum on Thursday after resigning his post. During the interview, the former top executive claimed to have taken part in a political espionage operation against top 2016 presidential candidates, including Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump. He also claimed that one of the agents involved was former FBI agent Peter Strzok.

Tucker’s segment introduction included a clip from MacCallum’s interview:

After introducing MacCallum, the Fox News host immediately asked her for her thoughts on what he called “one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen on television.”


“You know, it was a surprising interview,” MacCallum responded. “It’s a very surprising story. But I have spoken to a couple of sources that are close to the investigation who said that it’s possible that he may be telling the truth, is sort of the way that they are looking at it at this point.”

“There’s at least enough of a seed of a thread there that they are hearing him out,” she added before recounting her interview and noting that James Comey and Andrew McCabe say they’ve “never heard of him.” (RELATED: 15 Former Spooks Who Work At CNN And MSNBC Now)

“I think the way to describe it is that they are saying that, you know, he may be telling the truth,” said MacCallum, responding to a comment from Carlson about high level sources not shutting down Byrne’s claims. “There may be something there. They don’t know for sure. This is obviously part of an ongoing investigation.”

“He claims that Bill Barr is going to uncover what he says is the ‘greatest American political scandal of all time,'” she added. “There’s the belief that if there was this kind of attempt, this kind of effort to sprinkle some scandal around and see where it would land and see if they could find something that connected to President Trump, an insurance policy if you will, that it was likely that they tried it in a number of different places.”