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Andrew Yang Wants To Take Over CNN’s Control Room

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang wants the media’s attention. But he isn’t getting it. Last week, he complained about about CNN not including him in a graphic. Before that, when he became flavor of the week, he said he was going to implement potentially harsh rules — even fines — on the media.

Now he wants to take over for CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker.

On Monday he announced that he would appear on CNN Wednesday for a Democratic Presidential Town Hall with nine other hopefuls to address the climate crisis, but now he’s advising CNN to switch the topic to the hurricane ripping through the Bahamas.

Does he not think that the topic might naturally drift there?

What the hell?

Yang has a campaign policy regarding “media fragmentation.” It’s a policy he intends to address when he becomes the next leader of the free world. “As President, I will create a Media Responsibility Task Force with leaders of media and tech companies” to get Americans on the same page on facts and eliminate foreign powers from messing with discourse.

On Monday, Axios reported that Yang is “getting the cold shoulder” by the media despite being number 6 in Democratic primary polling.

As for the aforementioned “penalties,” in President Yang’s administration, media companies would be “punished” for spreading misinformation.

Yang said he would appoint a “News Ombudsman” who could fine “corporate offenders.” (RELATED: Andrew Yang Promises To Fight Against Fake News And Misinformation)

One question: Does this include press he just doesn’t like?