Woman Confronts Rep. Beto O’Rourke Over His Anti-Gun Policies: ‘Hell No You’re Not’ Taking My Gun

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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During a town hall event Thursday in Aurora, Colorado, a woman confronted Beto O’Rourke about his gun control plan, telling him “hell no” to the idea of mandatory gun confiscation.

“Gun-owning Americans who heard your speech and heard what you had to say, regarding ‘Hell yes,’ we’re going to take your AR-15s and AK-47s, well, I am here to say, hell no, you’re not.” she said.

“I was living in Aurora during Columbine, I had just recently moved when the Aurora shootings happened…all of those people were there defenseless, they had no way to defend themselves against a crazed shooter,” the woman continued.

“So I want to know how you intend to legislate the hearts of men, and leave American citizens like myself, American mothers–I have 4 children, I am 5’0″, 100 pounds, cannot really defend myself with a fist.”

She added that criminals by definition “break the law,” then needled O’Rourke by pointing out his “criminal history.”

Indeed, O’Rourke was arrested for drunk driving when he was 26-years-old.

The woman’s name is Lauren Bobert, a local businesswoman who has been profiled in media outlets before for her enthusiastic promotion of gun rights, according to Getty.

O’Rourke has made gun control one of the core issues of his presidential run. He said “hell yes” to the idea of mandatory government gun confiscation for AR-15s during a Democratic debate earlier this month. (RELATED: Beto O’Rourke: Cops Won’t Go ‘Door To Door’ With Mandatory Gun Buyback Plan, Americans Will Comply)