Exclusive Sit-Down With The Daily Caller: Rudy Giuliani Opens Up About Impeachment, Ukraine, Biden And Trump

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President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who is at the center of the Ukraine scandal, sat down with the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill for an exclusive one-hour interview.

Giuliani talked in depth about Ukraine, the impeachment effort against Trump and Joe Biden’s family business dealings.

The former New City mayor has come under scrutiny for his defense of the president and his quest to expose Hunter Biden’s alleged corrupt business deals in other countries including Ukraine.

He told the Caller that the left’s attacks against him are small potatoes compared to what he has been through in his lifetime. (RELATED: Here Are The Biggest Things The Media Are Ignoring In The Biden-Ukraine Scandal.)

“If I were afraid of them it would be really pathetic. I had the Mafia twice put out contracts to kill me. In fact one time for $800,000 and then four years later for only $400,000 — I was insulted my value went down,” Giuliani explained.

He went on to say if he wasn’t worried about the mafia, why would he be worried about “little Joe”?

He also went on to question Biden’s mental state.


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