‘I Stand Against Everything She Represents’: Tulsi Gabbard Deconstructs Hillary Clinton In ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Interview

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Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard ripped into the legacy of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a Friday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” interview.

After Clinton called the Democratic Hawaii congresswoman a “favorite of the Russians” in a podcast, Gabbard fired back in a Friday tweetstorm, calling the former first lady the “queen of warmongers” who uses “proxies” to oppose Gabbard’s non-interventionist foreign policy positions and presidential campaign.

During her discussion with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Gabbard framed Clinton’s opposition as being not only against her candidacy, but against “every veteran in this country, every service member, every American, anyone watching at home fighting for peace and who was calling for an end to these regime change wars.”


“Ultimately she knows she can’t control me,” Gabbard said, responding to Carlson’s question about why Clinton is taking aim at her. “I stand against everything that she represents and if I’m elected president, if I’m the Democratic nominee and elected president she will not be able to control me. She won’t be able to manipulate me. She won’t be able to continue to work from behind the curtains, to continue these regime change wars that have been so costly.”

The Democratic presidential candidate said the blood of her “brothers and sisters in uniform” killed in Iraq, a “war she championed,” is “on her hands.”

“I am calling for an end to these regime change wars. This is why she’s speaking out strongly and smearing my character and trying to undermine my campaign,” she said. “Just as she is doing this to me, this is what will happen to anybody who is doing the same.” (RELATED: Rand Paul Reveals ‘Extraordinary’ Reason Why Trump’s Syria Policy Might Be Working)

Responding to a question from the Fox News host about the massive media and political opposition from both parties to her foreign policy positions, Gabbard noted that it happened as soon as she announced her candidacy. She then took a swing at the Clinton legacy:

And now we know exactly why. It’s because I am standing up and speaking out strongly against the Hillary Clinton legacy, the warmongering legacy of waging these regime change wars, continuing to escalate these tensions between the United States, nuclear armed countries like Russia, China, this nuclear arms race bringing more profits to the military-industrial complex.