Pompeo Slams China For Attacking U.S. Businesses Exercising Their Freedom Of Speech


Nick Sherman Contributor
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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized China on Monday for attacking U.S. businesses whose employees exercised their freedom of speech.

“From a foreign policy perspective, we think that it is completely inappropriate for China to attack U.S. businesses whose employees or customers exercise their fundamental freedoms here in the United States,” Pompeo told Wilfred Frost of CNBC’s “Closing Bell” in an interview.

Pompeo’s comments come after several incidents of Chinese influences on U.S. companies, such as the NBA’s partnership with Chinese companies. (RELATED: REPORT: LeBron James Questioned Adam Silver Over Lack Of Punishment For Daryl Morey’s China Tweet)

Pompeo said he wants to “encourage every company to make a – take a good, close look, ensuring that these kinds of things – the reciprocity – that president Trump has been demanding from China – actually takes place.” (RELATED: No New Tariffs: Trump Wins Trade Battle With China)

When asked if Hong Kong played an important part in the trade talks between China and Trump, Pompeo said no, but that China “made a commitment to one country, two systems. President Trump has said that they need to continue to honor that commitment that they made not only to Britain, but to the United Nations and the world, and they need to live up to that there in Hong Kong.”

China has also been targeting companies that show support to the protesters in Hong Kong, such as the Gaming company Blizzard.

Blizzard recently aroused controversy after the company suspended a gamer and forced him to return his winnings from a contest they hosted after he supported the protests in Hong Kong. (RELATED: Blizzard Walks Back Punishment For Gamer Who Supported Hong Kong)