Lara Trump Says The President Is ‘Pretty Sure’ Tulsi Gabbard Is ‘Not A Russian Asset’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Lara Trump laughed off critics who suggested that Democratic Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard was a Russian asset, saying that President Donald Trump didn’t buy that.

The president’s daughter-in-law and campaign adviser sat down Thursday with Fox News host Martha MacCallum on “The Story,” weighing in on both Gabbard and rumors that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might consider a 2020 run.


“What are your thoughts on Tulsi and Hillary and the possibility of either Hillary getting back in, which she has suggested … what do you make of it?” MacCallum asked.

We would love to have Hillary back in, and we would love to beat her for a second time, Martha,” Trump said. (RELATED: Lara Trump: All The Harassment Won’t ‘Change The Outcome Of The Mueller Report’)

“She thinks she won last time,” MacCallum cut in.

“Well, I know she thinks that, but unfortunately the numbers and the Electoral College vote do not reflect that sadly for Hillary, but if she wants to run we are ready for it,” Trump continued. “I do think it’s interesting, the idea of Tulsi because she does seem, when you watch these debates, to be one of the very few that makes a little bit of sense sometimes.”

Trump went on to say that she could see how Gabbard might be appealing, especially to those who weren’t invested in the Democratic Party’s move to the left. “Some conservatives I can see saying some of her views as acceptable. Now a lot of the other stuff she says would totally turn people off and I don’t know that they would get the vote but —” she said.

“What does your boss, President Trump, think about Tulsi Gabbard, because there’s always a lot of speculation that maybe she should be in the cabinet for this administration. Is he interested in her as a potential cabinet member?” MacCallum pressed.

Trump laughed. “That I don’t know about. I know she’s he’s pretty sure she’s not a Russian asset,” she said. “He has said that for sure. But I don’t know, that’s an interesting idea. We will see how things check out.”