Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’: New Dem Candidate Launches Campaign In Front Of High Powered Rifle

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Hal Shouse is running for Senate in Georgia as a Democrat, but he’s unlike any other Democrat you’ve ever heard of.

Shouse ended his first campaign ad by letting the American people know that “Epstein didn’t kill himself.” The Navy veteran has spent the past decade running HogSWAT, a company that protects farms across Georgia from feral hog invaders with gun-strapped buggies and AR-15s. Needless to say, he disagrees with most national Democrats when it comes to the 2nd Amendment.

“The Democrats and the media lie to everybody about what common sense gun control is supposed to fix. The truth is, taking [guns] from me isn’t gonna stop a terrorist.” he said, going on to criticize Republican red flag laws. “Imagine giving your ex-wife the ability to send police to your house, take your guns, and skip your due process.” (RELATED: Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Georgia Abortion Ban, Pro-Life Admin Says It Remains ‘Confident’)

Shouse argued to the Daily Caller that both the Republicans and Democrats have become too extreme, leaving a middle ground of Americans unrepresented. While he criticizes Democrats, he doesn’t hold back on President Donald Trump either, calling him a “giant bag of little dicks.” (RELATED: These Are The Celebrities Protesting Georgia’s Abortion Laws)

More information on Shouse’s campaign can be found at his website.