Tara LaRosa On Taking Down Anti-Trump Protestor In Portland

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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MMA Fighter Tara LaRosa sat down the the Daily Caller and told us how she ended up pinning an anti-Trump protester to a sidewalk at a protest in Portland, Oregon.

LaRosa was attending a Veterans Day demonstration in Portland when, she says, a local professor started a combative conversation with the group. LaRosa says she turned her back on the professor and walked away, only intervening when the interaction had escalated. (RELATED: Andy Ngo Reveals The Truth About Antifa)

Larosa says she held the woman down for her own safety until police arrived, later posting pictures to social media showing the woman had bitten her. (RELATED: Tara LaRosa Responds To Avenatti Over Trump Jr. Fight Challenge)

LaRosa has gone to several politically-charged protests in the Portland area, though this was the first time she’d gone viral. She attended the November protest with members of the Proud Boys, a controversial group that has had repeated violent interactions with Antifa protesters.