Bakari Sellers Calls John Bolton A ‘Coward’: ‘He’d Rather Write A Book Than Testify’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN’s Bakari Sellers claimed Sunday that former National Security Advisor John Bolton was “being a coward” because he had not yet appeared before the House Intelligence Committee to testify in the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

Sellers was part of a CNN panel on “State of the Union” that also included former Republican Utah Rep. Mia Love, former Republican Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and former Democratic Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm.


Granholm began by suggesting that the House Democrats had some more work to do with regard to convincing the public — and the Senate — that impeachment was the proper course of action. “Yes, the Democrats have more work to do to bring out all this information, but honestly, if we don’t think that intervening in an election, that causing a foreign country to intervene in an election, to tilt the election in the president’s favor is not a violation of his oath of office, then what is impeachable?”

“Do you think it’s impeachable though?” Love asked.

“Absolutely. You don’t think so?” Granholm turned the question back on her.

“They have not made — they have not made  — I’m sorry. They have not made the case to — ” Love pressed, and the panelists all began talking over each other.

“One at a time,” Tapper cautioned.

“In the abstract, do you think that if it were proven, which I think it has been. You may not. But if it were proven that a country was asked by our president to interfere in our most sacred process, that — to tilt the election in his favor, that that’s not impeachable?” Granholm asked.

“It’s — it’s absolutely inappropriate. Absolutely —” Love replied.

“You don’t think it’s impeachable?” Granholm asked again. (RELATED: Graham Makes His Move — Requests Documents On Ukraine, Joe And Hunter Biden)

Love responded, “There has not been any evidence.”

“I’m asking if it were proven —” Granholm pushed back.

“I’m sorry. I have to go on evidence and facts,” Love continued.

“Yes, it’s impeachable, to answer the question, but we need to acknowledge that there is no reason and that this may be ancillary, that all of John Bolton’s staff had the courage to come and testify over the last two weeks, but he’s being a coward and not doing so,” Sellers jumped in. “He’d rather write a book than testify.”

“A very well-informed preview of your Thanksgiving dinner,” Tapper joked as the show wrapped. “We just had it right here.”