‘Take Your Donor To Work Day’: Matt Gaetz Rips Democrats For One-Sided Impeachment Hearing

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz ripped into House Democrats after Monday’s hearing before the House Judiciary Committee.

During a brief appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Gaetz argued that the hearing was just Democratic donors asking each other questions.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson introduced Gaetz by playing a clip from the hearing that showed Gaetz engaging in a testy exchange with Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler. (RELATED: Matt Gaetz Is ‘Still Waiting’ For Eric Swalwell’s Trump-Russia ‘Doomsday Prediction’ To Pan Out)

“Not allowed to make rational points on The Hill,” Carlson laughed. “Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida joins us. Looks like you cleared up that implication.”

“I may not be on Jerry Nadler’s Christmas card list anymore,” Gaetz joked. “You know, where I’m from, you stand behind your work. If Adam Schiff really believes the president should be impeached as a result of his conduct, he ought to show up and take our questions based on his bias, his contact with the whistle-blower, and anything he was doing outside the bounds of the law.”

“Instead, it was take your donor to work today in the House Judiciary Committee, where some of the left’s big donors were able to come in and literally ask each other questions,” Gaetz continued. “It was this dystopian reality where I’m watching one Democrat donor ask questions of another Democrat donor about issues that we could all read about but they just want to give their hot takes.”

Gaetz challenged the Democrats directly during the hearing, asking, “Do you think if you had given more money to Democrats you might have been able to ask questions and answer them like Mr. Berke did?”