‘Honey We Shrunk The Impeachment’: Kimberley Strassel Explains How Dems Narrowed Charges To Protect Themselves

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Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel reasoned that Democrats may have kept the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump narrow in order to protect themselves.

The two articles of impeachment introduced Tuesday against the president, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, notably did not include Democrat talking points used throughout the impeachment inquiry, most notably “quid pro quo.”

Guest-host Brian Kilmeade asked Strassel about the curious narrowing of charges on Thursday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

The Wall Street Journal editorial board member told Kilmeade how she and her fellow board members called the articles “honey, we shrunk the impeachment” because for months “we’ve been listening to Democrats use words like ‘extortion,’ ‘quid quo pro.'” (RELATED: Rand Paul Stands His Ground With Neil Cavuto On Impeachment, Earns A ‘Clever’ On Last Response)

She then went on to explain that Democrats may have had a reason for doing so:

“Adam Schiff spent six weeks lecturing the country on the proper definition of bribery, which was something removed from all statutes or the history of the country, but it was the way they had to define it in order to pack it in what they say Donald Trump did,” she explained. “And then suddenly it disappears and this is because someone in the Democratic Party realized, if you’re going to expand the definition the way they did and say any time any politician asks for something from another country in a way that might benefit them in some way, that their own party would be implicated.”