Democrats Abandon Poll-Tested ‘Bribery’ In Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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After repeatedly using the term “bribery” to sell the inquiry against President Donald Trump, House Democrats appear to have abandoned it in the articles of impeachment filed Tuesday.

Not even 24 hours after the last public hearing on the impeachment inquiry, the House Judiciary Committee announced two articles of impeachment: one accusing the president of “abuse of power” and the other charging him with “obstruction of Congress.”

What many were quick to note was the absence of the term “bribery” — the term Democrats had used repeatedly in the earlier stages of the inquiry following reports that they had focus-grouped the impact of that word in comparison to other terms such as “quid pro quo” and “extortion.”


Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich responded to the omission on “Outnumbered,” saying, “You have Democrats continuing to say this is about protecting the democracy and claiming this is not political. This entire thing is political, they would not have been poll testing words in order to get them on board.”

Brit Hume also raised a question about the omission in a tweet. “What happened to bribery, which Adam Schiff proclaimed with such certainty?” he asked.

And Hume was not alone:

George Washington University law professor — and impeachment witness — Jonathan Turley made a note of it as well. (RELATED: GOP’s Impeachment Witness Attacks ‘Bribery’ And ‘Obstruction’ Narratives, Accuses Democrats Of Abusing Power)

Turley had argued in last week’s hearing that the evidence gathered by House Democrats did not meet the threshold for bribery.