Gen. Wesley Clark’s Cell Phone Rings During CNN Appearance. What He Does Next Earns Compliments From The Host

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Former General Wesley Clark deftly tossed his ringing cellphone across the room during a Wednesday appearance on CNN, earning a laugh and compliments from the host.

The retired four-star general and former 2004 Democratic presidential candidate was discussing the Trump administration’s reaction to protests outside the U.S. embassy in Baghdad with “CNN Newsroom” anchor Jim Sciutto when the would-be distraction occurred.

“This is a reaction that the United States made,” Clark said. “I’m glad we used diplomacy. I’m glad to see the Iraqi government being able to get its security forces engaged in this point. But this is like, by the Iranians, this is like landing a left jab in a 12-round boxing match. I mean, this is just one more punch. So they’ve taken out and attacked some Saudi oil facilities. They were put back in place. They shot down …”

Clark continued to talk as his cell phone started ringing, repeating the words “they shot down” as he tossed it across the room, presumably to a staffer.

“They shot down … sorry about that,” he said.

“That is the best reaction to a ring I’ve seen on the air. Nicely done, General,” noted a laughing Sciutto. (RELATED: Things Get Heated When Jesse Watters Asks Juan Williams To Apologize To West Point Cadets Accused Of Racism)

“Thank you. They caught it, too,” Clark responded before continuing his analysis.