Podcast: Everything You Need To Know About Democrats Overturning Gun Rights In Virginia

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Lisa Smiley Contributor
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The fight for gun rights is raging in Virginia right now. After taking over Virginia’s General Assembly last November, Democrats are going through with their promise to roll back Second Amendment rights and Democratic Governor Ralph Northam is fully on board.

But law-abiding gun owners aren’t backing down. Monday’s gun rights rally in Richmond saw thousands showing up to protest the bills. (RELATED: Virginia: Senate Passes Three Anti-Gun Bills)

So far, over 100 localities have taken preemptive action by declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries. These counties and towns have passed resolutions that say the local governments will not enforce these gun control laws if they pass. (RELATED: Amid Sanctuary Movement Virginia Governor Northam Doubles Down On Gun Control)

Lisa Smiley breaks down what these anti-gun bills mean for gun owners and why it is critical to stand up to the democrats’ latest gun grab.

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