NBC’s Capitol Hill Correspondent Praises Pelosi And Her Pick For Impeachment Manager

Senate Television via Getty Images

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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NBC’s Capitol Hill correspondent praised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her “surprise manager” pick, Democratic Colorado Rep. Jason Crow, during the Senate impeachment trial Tuesday.

Kasie Hunt tweeted Tuesday evening that Crow was demonstrating “why [Pelosi] picked him.” She appeared to praise both Pelosi and Crow during the Senate’s first day of the impeachment trial into President Donald Trump.

The House speaker chose seven lawmakers to serve as House managers in the Senate impeachment trial. (RELATED: Sen. McConnell Says Pelosi’s Impeachment Strategy Achieved ‘Absolutely Nothing’)

Tuesday’s session lasted almost 13 hours, according to CNBC. Crow, a former Army Ranger, spoke late into the evening and noted that despite the late hour, it was morning in Ukraine, where soldiers were fighting Russia and depending on U.S. aid. He previously served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The American people deserve answers,” Crow said Tuesday. “I remember what it feels like to not have the equipment you need when you need it. Real people’s lives are at stake. That’s why this matters. We need this information so we can ensure that this never happens again. Eventually, this will all come out.”

“We will have answers to these questions. The question now is whether we will have them in time, and who here will be on the right side of history.”