Chuck Schumer Attacks Fox News At Impeachment Press Conference


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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer used the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump to take a swipe at Fox News, both on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday’s impeachment hearing “may have been the first time that many of my Republican colleagues heard the full story, the complete narrative from start to finish, uninterrupted and not filtered through the kaleidoscope lens of Fox News, where at best things are left out and at worst, things are terribly distorted,” Schumer said at a press conference Thursday morning.

“It may have planted the first seed in their minds that, yes, perhaps the president did something very wrong here,” Schumer continued. (RELATED: Impeachment Star Adam Schiff Won First Congressional Race By Campaigning Against Impeachment)

“Mr. Schiff and the other managers did an exceptional job laying out the facts of the president’s alleged abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, meticulously walking through the chronology, anticipating and rebutting the most predictable counterarguments from the president’s counsel along the way, and knocking those arguments down before they got there.”


Schumer attacked Fox News on Wednesday as well, in an interview with left-wing MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

Schumer told Maddow that Fox News is “deliberately biased” and leaves “most of the major facts” out of its coverage.

Thursday will be the second day of House impeachment managers presenting their case against Trump.

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