‘Can I Talk Now?’: Things Get Tense When Martha MacCallum Presses Sen. Chris Coons On Ambassador Firing

(Fox News screengrab)

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Things got a little tense on Friday night’s “The Story with Martha MacCallum” when the show’s anchor pressed Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coons on President Donald Trump’s firing of a former ambassador to Ukraine.

Trump’s April 2019 dismissal of former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch came under extended scrutiny on Friday as an audio recording from a year before surfaced. In it, the president can be heard telling associates to “get rid of” Yovanovitch.

When the topic came up during Martha MacCallum’s conversation with Coons, the Fox News anchor pointed out that what is already known about the firing “lines up with what is supposedly on this recording” and that Yovanovitch “was not supportive of the president.”

“She wasn’t lining up with his policies and what he wanted to pursue with regard to Ukraine,” MacCallum said. “So, there is nothing there that would be evidence that would indicate …”

“I’m happy to talk if you’d like me to,” Coons interrupted. (RELATED: ‘You’re Very Rude, Sir!’ — Martha MacCallum Fires Back At Filibustering Dem Congressman During Heated Exchange)

“What’s the evidence, is my question, of wrongdoing, I guess?” MacCallum asked.

“Can I talk now?” a seemingly irritated Coons asked.

“Please, go ahead,” said the Fox News anchor.

“Thank you,” said Coons.

“I’m just, doing my question,” MacCallum said as the Delaware senator continued.

As he made his case for witnesses, Coons pressed his point by insisting that the “core issue” is the president’s “motive” in dismissing Yovanovitch.

“I think, as you pointed out, the polls show that people are interested in hearing from these witnesses, so I guess my question – you make a number of assumptions I should just point out that haven’t necessarily been established in terms of what the president’s motives were,” said MacCallum. “I think of it was so clear, this would be an open and shut case, but it isn’t. It’s still open.”