‘You’re Very Rude, Sir!’ — Martha MacCallum Fires Back At Filibustering Dem Congressman During Heated Exchange

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Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum criticized Democratic Rep. Sean Maloney as “very rude” after the New York congressman kept talking over her during their Thursday night conversation about the Mueller report.


After MacCallum asked Maloney if things had been “blown out of proportion” during the last two years, the Democratic lawmaker switched the focus to several incidents related in the report that some have interpreted as attempts at obstruction.

“Excuse me,” MacCallum interrupted. “I have let you explain yourself in great detail. I just want to say one thing and I will let you go on …”

“Excuse me, I have something to say,” the Fox News anchor said after Maloney continued talking.

“The point is Carter Page …” said Maloney. (RELATED: ‘Give Him The Entire Show’ — Devin Nunes Followed Eric Swalwell With Some Programming Advice For Martha MacCallum)

But a visibly annoyed MacCallum was finished playing nice:

You are very rude. You’re very rude, sir. That was rude. I’m trying to interject for a moment. I don’t want to interrupt but I want to say one thing about the underlying crime here. When there is not an underlying crime with regard to collusion, it’s difficult to say someone is obstructing something. So, you just laid out your thinking about why you think the president was being obstructive. But if there is no underlying crime. That’s one of the reasons Robert Mueller was unable to make a finding there. I’m sorry for getting heated, but please go ahead.

“You can call your guests as many names as you want,” Maloney said before continuing.

Things toned down after that, but MacCallum did address the exchange at the end: “I didn’t call you names by the way. I just said that you were kind of rude in that exchange …”

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