Dershowitz Mocks His Late 90s Hair On ‘The View’

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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President Trump‘s impeachment attorney Alan Dershowitz threw himself into the lion’s den Wednesday to talk “hump day hot topics” on ABC’s “The View.”

An unexpected humpy subtopic? Dershowitz’s hairdo from the 1998 impeachment hearings of former President Bill Clinton.

As he admitted, it was not a good look.

The ladies readily agreed.

Alan Dershowitz: “Let me respond to the 1998 tape. First of all, I want to admit one thing. I was dead wrong about my haircut. I looked just awful in that tape. Second, in 1998 —”

The audience seemed to laugh with him. (RELATED: CNN’s Then-Pundit Jeffrey Lord Has a Puff Ball For Hair)

Side note: Don’t forget when this MSNBC “Morning Joe” guest tried to show up Joe Scarborough‘s hair.

Joy Behar said bluntly, “I’ll agree on that one.”

Dersh: “We’ll all agree.” (RELATED: Antifa Activist Shows Off His Wild Hair)

Later in the show, Dershowitz argued with the show’s lawyer Sunny Hostin. And at one point, co-host Whoppi Goldberg had to tell the audience to pull back and be more polite. Appparently things were getting out of hand (eye roll).

Sunny: Well you’re arguing now that there was no crime committed here, but the GAO, an independent watchdog, said last week that withholding the aid to Ukraine was illegal, a crime.

Dersh: Nope, they didn’t say that.

Sunny: Yes they diiiiiid! Yes They diiiiid!

Dersh: Let’s bet 1000 dollars to be contributed to the peace of Israel and Palestine..they didn’t say a crime. They have no jurisdiction to say it was a crime. Moreover, the GAO is wrong. The President has the right to refuse funds.

Joy Behar: Trump did it for his own benefit, not for the benefit of Israel.

Sunny raised a hypothetical.

She wanted to know what would happen if Trump spent the year vacationing in Moscow, change the the language to Russian and and stop doing his job and golf all day.

Sunny asked, “Are you saying there are no grounds to impeachment him?”

Behar cracked, “He does that now.”

Dersh said Congress would convene and immediately amend the Constitution to make those things a ground for impeachment.

“That is not now a ground for impeachment,” he said. “…Congress is not above the law.”

Whoopi snapped, “It seems like everybody’s above the law.”