WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin Says She’d Rather Be A ’19th Century Liberal Or A Wet Tory’ Than Conservative

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Washington Post’s “conservative opinion writer” Jennifer Rubin lamented about the party Thursday, writing that she’d rather be a “19th century liberal or a wet Tory.”

Rubin, who has often been rebuked for calling herself a conservative, began by tweeting that the impeachment trial has shown “the right is in no shape or form conservative but authoritarian.”

She added the trial has been “clarifying” and indicated “the right” has been spreading the false idea that “blind obedience to the executive, blood and soil nationalism and protectionism” equal conservatism.

“Since they’ve ruined the word I’d prefer to be a 19th century liberal or a wet Tory,” Rubin continued.

The “conservative opinion writer” often tweets about the detriment of the GOP. She noted Wednesday that “the reason for voting against any R up and down the ticket is that this is a party that thinks the president can do any corrupt act to get re-elected.”

The GOP is now the pro-totalitarian party. It is a clear and present danger,” Rubin also tweeted Wednesday evening. (RELATED: WaPo Columnist Accuses Trump Of ‘Fomenting Violence’ Against Journalists)

A group of conservative leaders went so far as to urge WaPo in a 2018 open letter to “hire a true conservative.”

The publication also admitted in 2018 that Rubin isn’t conservative, although her title has remained as such on her Twitter. Now, Rubin is referred to by WaPo as an “opinion writer” who “provides insight into the conservative movement, the Republican and Democratic parties” and other areas.