Bloomberg Criticizes Sanders For His Aggressive Online Support In New Campaign Ad

Patrick Hauf Contributor
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Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg tweeted a campaign ad Monday showing a compilation of aggressive tweets from supporters of Democratic Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. 

“We need to unite to defeat Trump in November,” Bloomberg tweeted. “This type of ‘energy’ is not going to get us there.”


The names of the accounts who authored the displayed tweets are blurred. The video goes on to show headlines from the Daily Dot, New York Times, and Chicago Tribute detailing the contentious side of Sanders’ online supporters, who critics often refer to as “Bernie Bros.” There are also two separate series of texts shown that appear to be directed at Bloomberg campaign workers. (RELATED: Trump World Reacts To Report Bloomberg Could Tap Hillary To Be His VP)

The video then cuts to a clip of Sanders saying, “It is vitally important for those of us who hold different views to be able to engage in a civil discourse.” 

“Really,” a text shows before showing the Bloomberg campaign tag to end the video. 

Bloomberg tweeted the ad in response to a Sanders tweet about the former New York mayor’s past controversial support for stop and frisk policies. 

Bloomberg’s nearly $400 million campaign has gained traction in recent weeks, as his support continues to increase leading up to Super Tuesday — when 14 states vote — marking the first day his campaign will officially be competing at the ballot box. (RELATED: ‘You’re A F**king Fascist!’ — Second Amendment Activists Heckle Mike Bloomberg In Virginia)

Critics of the Bloomberg campaign are pushing back against his previous positions, which include his support of President Donald Trump, opposition to an increase in the minimum wage, and criticism of social security.