Michael Tracey: Bloomberg Campaign ‘The Most Brazen, Oligarchic Intervention In The History Of American Electoral Politics’

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Independent journalist Michael Tracey called former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s campaign “the most brazen, oligarchic intervention in the history of American electoral politics” during a Monday night appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Discussing the fact that Bloomberg has bought his way into near Democratic front runner status in lieu of traditional campaigning, Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked Tracey to analyze “what it means for the country.”


“Bloomberg rightly surmised that he was not going to go and ever win the presidency on the strength of his political convictions, because they are completely ugly and despicable and alien to much of the country, so what has he done?” Tracey asked before answering his own question by bringing up Bloomberg’s “vociferous focus purely on bashing Donald Trump.”

Instead of campaigning, the former New York City mayor is building his “constituency” on hatred for the president and the belief this his billions can beat Trump, Tracey contended. (RELATED: Liberal Professor To Tucker: Bloomberg ‘Can Be A Very Surly Person,’ Not ‘Energetic Like Donald Trump’)

“Bloomberg recognizes that,” he said. “He says, ‘Look, I’m uniquely equipped to beat Trump. I’m going to flood your daily consciousness with these tedious ads that have been market tested to press your emotional buttons,’ and that’s what he’s doing. It’s paying off. Like you suggested, this is the most brazen, oligarchic intervention in the history of American electoral politics, and it’s not even close. It’s hugely disturbing. Whether you are on the right or left, anywhere in between, you should be incredibly alarmed at what’s going on here.”

“And yet, you are one of the only people on the Internet saying this, which tells you how fully corporatized our media has become,” Carlson responded.