Is Your Home Secure? See What Experts Say Are The Best Security Cameras

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Petty theft, car burglaries and even package thievery are often crimes too vague or too time consuming for police to put important man-hours on top of. Understandably, it’s not easy to find a criminal with a vague description and little to no evidence to base an investigation off of.

The sheer presence of a security system however can often deter criminals, and, with the addition of higher-quality cameras and wireless technology, modern security cameras are more affordable and effective than ever. Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.

That’s why we scoured the online world for most tested, best selling and expert reviewed security cameras on the market:

1. The Affordable Security Cam

The YI 1080p Indoor security cam is the ultra-affordable, Amazon #1 Best Selling security camera for a litany of reasons.

With night vision, remote app-control and activity alerts, it’s price point begs you to order one.

YI Indoor/Outdoor Bundle (via

For around $40 more (depending on time of purchase), you can upgrade to get the indoor/outdoor bundle package. Both come with the option for a 24/7 Emergency Response Service ($4.99/month), and the outdoor camera comes equipped with motion detection and two-way audio. This way, you can greet welcomed guests or, obviously, warn intruders about releasing the hounds.

2. The Stackable Cam

Finally, years of LEGO practice comes in handy (via

Working with local (micro SD card) or cloud storage, the Wyze Cam is Amazon’s Choice due to simple setup and encryption technology. With the ability to livestream your security feed in full HD (up to 30 feet), Wyze Cam is likened to a professional security setup.

This camera motion tags and outlines movement, automatically recording when motion is detected. With local storage, continuous recording is a great feature most often associated with a dashcam, whereas the footage records over itself in a loop to ensure it doesn’t run out of memory. If an event happens, download your footage. Night vision is also included.

3. The Security Specialist

For a bit of an advanced setup (around $200), try the Arlo Pro 3.

Arlo Pro 3 (via

Wireless and recording in 2K, the Arlo Pro 3 makes it easier to zoom in on and see objects clearly. With a 160-degree field of view this camera is well-equipped for your security needs, recording in color night-vision manufactured in a weather-resistant design.

If your voice from the two-way audio doesn’t deter unwanted guests, try the integrated spotlight; either they’ll take off running or bust out a choreographed dance number…either way you win.

If this model is a little too expensive, consider its older brother the Arlo Pro 2 as a cheaper alternative. For the 2nd generation, you’ll be downgraded to 1080p as opposed to 2K video recording.

4. The AI Cam

Last but certainly not least, the Logitech Circle 2; this camera from the year 3000 is compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant and has 180 degrees of coverage. With the added feature of sending you snapshots of motion detection to your phone, this acts as a quick security alert without the user having to open the app.

The most weather-resistant camera on the list (via

The motion filtering technology ensures you aren’t staring at the screen wondering why the motion detection went off, and with the very cool feature called the ’30-Second Day Brief’, users will get a quick recap of any events that transpired in the previous 24 hours.

Considered by reviewers to be incredibly versatile in its application, the Circle 2 has an abundance of possible mounts, allowing it to be placed almost anywhere on the property.

It’s reasonably priced under $150 (cheaper if renewed) and its flat face makes it hard to spot if that’s what you’re going for.

Features to consider if when buying a security camera includee: display quality (how clear do you need the images to be), night-vision integration (will it predominantly be used during the day or night), as well as wired or wireless capability.

If you plan on being on the property frequently, you may want a sneakier, wireless setup for which you can change batteries at your leisure. In this case, voice control comes into play as well.

If securing at a distance, wired setups offer a more permanent solution. As well, consider remote capabilities like an accompanying app.

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