Chuck Schumer Has Spent Over $8,600 On Cheesecake, His ‘Guilty Pleasure’

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has spent more than $8,600 on cheesecake in less than a decade, according to a Federal Election Commission report first reported by the New York Post. 

Junior’s Cheesecake, a bakery with multiple New York City locations, is a favorite of Schumer’s, and his PAC, Friends of Schumer, paid the bakery a total of $8,638 between 2009 and 2016, the New York Post reported. The PAC paid Junior’s Cheesecake for “supporter acknowledgments” in amounts ranging from $46 to $516.45 according to Federal Election Commission documentation

Schumer acknowledged the report and said that cheesecake is his “guilty pleasure,” according to CNN. During a news conference in New York City on Sunday, Schumer went into detail about his childhood cheesecake obsession. (RELATED: Kylie Jenner Spends A SICKENING Amount Of Money On Food Delivery Service. Here’s What She’s Buying)

“I give them as gifts. I use them for bets, you know when someone wants to bet something, you know for a Brooklyn thing versus a Wisconsin thing,” the New York Democrat said as he held up a copy of the news report and a platter of six cheesecake slices. “So I say to the New York Post and others, guilty as charged. I love Junior’s cheesecake. It’s the best cheesecake in the world.” 

Schumer said he’d been a fan of the restaurant since he was a young boy, according to CNN. 

Schumer’s press secretary told CNN on Sunday that Schumer likes any flavor, but “plain allows one to really savor the Junior’s recipe.” The press secretary also told CNN that the money used to buy the cheesecakes was not from taxpayers.