Matt Gaetz Announces At CPAC That He Will No Longer Accept PAC Money

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz announced Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that he will no longer accept money from Political Action Committees, commonly known as PACs.

“I will never again accept a donation from a Political Action Committee,” Gaetz told the crowd.

Gaetz took a stand for economic populism, telling the crowd that he was worried America was becoming an oligarchy. (RELATED: The MAGA Maverick: Is Trumpworld Turning On Matt Gaetz?)

“I will never again accept a donation from a federal Political Action Committee, not one red cent,” Gaetz said. “The American people are my one and only special interest.”

Gaetz is the first big name Republican to disavow big money in politics, usually a signature issue for progressive politicians, such as Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Gaetz claimed that the influence of money in politics is corrupting “honest capitalism” in America.

“Honest capitalism, what we cherish, is under attack every day,” he said.