‘It’s Shameful’: Rep. Ted Lieu Grills Mike Pompeo For Going To CPAC Rather Than Answering Questions About Coronavirus

Phillip Nieto Contributor
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Democratic California Rep. Ted Lieu scolded Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for planning to attend the Conservative Political Action Summit (CPAC) after refusing to answer questions on the coronavirus during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Friday.

Pompeo got in a heated conservation with Lieu after refusing to answer how the administration plans to deal with the virus, prompting the congressman to ask Pompeo whether he was planning on attending CPAC.

The secretary answered, “Yes, I am.” (RELATED: Mitt Romney’s Name Booed At CPAC)


“So you can only give two hours to this bipartisan group of members of Congress and, instead of answering questions on life and death issues from a bipartisan group of America’s representatives, you’re going to this special interest group,” Lieu declared.

” Yes,” replied Pompeo.

Lieu added before being cut off, “You, sir, represent all Americans, not a special interest group, and it is shameful you can’t even answer basic questions.”