Chinese Man Drives Into River Minutes After Passing Driving Test

Youtube/Screenshot/Public — User: MR HERO

Nicholas Elias Contributor
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A Chinese man drove his freshly registered car into a river on Tuesday after passing his driving exam.

The man, identified as Mr. Zhang by Driven, said he was checking his phone when he saw two people on the narrow bridge in front of him and swerved out of the way. “While I was driving, I tried to grab my phone and read some messages while two people were in front of me on the bridge,” said Zhang, “I became nervous and turned left suddenly.” The bridge had no guard rail and Zhang said he dislocated his shoulder as a result of the crash. 

“Luckily, the car floated for a while. I couldn’t open the driver’s door so I had to kick open the door on the other side,” said Zhang, “Otherwise, I may never have got out.” Local residents gave him fresh clothes and helped him get to shore, according to local media. The fine for using your phone while at the wheel in China is two points off of your license and 200 Chinese yuan, or $28.83, according to the South China Morning Post, cited by Driven.