‘An Awful Dictatorship Killing Millions’: Joe Biden Bashes Sanders For Praising Dictators

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Former Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday repeatedly bashed Independent Vermont. Sen. Bernie Sanders for his support and praise of various dictatorships.

Sanders has repeatedly praised former former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s “massive literacy program.” He has also tried to give credit to Communist China over poverty numbers and backed up both opinions during Sunday’s Democratic debate.

“The praising of Cuba, the praising just now of China – China is an authoritarian dictatorship,” Biden said after Sanders once again voiced his support for leaders in Cuba and China. “That’s what it is. We have to deal with them because they are there. But the idea that they, in fact, have increased the wealth of people in that country, it’s been marginal the change that’s taken place. They have a million … Muslims in prison camps in the west.”

“You see what’s happening in Hong Kong today, and by the way, the idea that he praised the Soviet Union when it was the Soviet Union, about the things that they had done well. They are an awful dictatorship killing millions and millions of people.” (RELATED: Joe Biden Promises That He Will Have A Woman Running Mate)


Biden continued on to suggest that America’s allies could be troubled by a future U.S. president praising “a country that is violating human rights around the world.” He added that “words matter” and said certain leaders should be called out as dictators.

“The idea of occasionally saying something nice about a country is one thing,” Biden said. “The idea of praising a country that is violating human rights around the world is, in fact, makes our allies wonder what is going on. What do you think the South Koreans think when he praises China like that?”

“What do you think the Australians believe in the shadow of China? What do you think is happening in Indonesia in the shadow of China? What do you think is happening in terms of Japan in the shadow of China? Words matter. These are flat out dictators. Period. And they should be called for it. Straight up.”