MSNBC Analyst Suggests Using Coronavirus To Prosecute Trump For ‘Negligent Homicide’ — Gets An Assist From Former Democratic Candidate


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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MSNBC Analyst Glenn Kirschner suggested Tuesday that he would attempt to prosecute President Donald Trump for negligent homicide over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Kirschner laid out his explanation in a series of tweets, first claiming that the president “may have criminal exposure for some level of negligent homicide or voluntary/involuntary manslaughter for the way he’s mishandled the Coronavirus crisis.” (RELATED: MSNBC Analyst Accuses Fox News Of ‘Getting People Killed For Years’)

He went on to tout his own career as a prosecutor, saying that he had always been “on the lookout for novel ways to apply homicide … liability in an attempt to appropriately and ethically hold accountable those who were responsible for taking the life of a fellow human being.” (RELATED: Unfit To Print Episode 43: NYT Writer Claims Racism After MSNBC Math Fiasco)

Kirschner concluded by accusing Trump of “negligent/grossly negligent (and/or possibly intentional) mishandling” of the response to coronavirus and claiming that the issue was “thorny” and “nuanced” but that all possible “criminal charges will have to be investigated.” (RELATED: Virologist On MSNBC Says Its ‘Irresponsible For Us To Create Panic,’ Then Predicts 20% Of People Will Die If Coronavirus Becomes Widespread)

Shortly after Kirschner posted the tweets, he got a response from Mark Judson — a Democratic candidate for North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District until he lost the primary on Super Tuesday. (RELATED: MSNBC Analyst Accuses Fox News Of ‘Getting People Killed For Years’)

Judson, a CPA, crunched the numbers for Kirschner: