Dan Bongino: Chinese Propagandists Found ‘Our Weak Spot’ In ‘Identity Politics,’ Media ‘Useful Idiots’ Playing Along

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Fox News contributor Dan Bongino blasted the media for falling for “Chinese propaganda efforts” to “hide the origin” of the coronavirus pandemic.

Appearing on Saturday night’s “Watters World,” the former Secret Service agent discussed Chinese efforts “to separate the word China from the virus” with Fox News host Jesse Watters.


“What’s stunning here is how easily the useful idiots of the media, and never has that term been more useful than now, picked up on what we know unequivocally to be Chinese propaganda efforts to hide, to hide the origin of this virus,” Bongino said.

The Fox News contributor listed other viruses named after places of origin, including the Spanish Flu and German Measles. “The Chinese found our weak spot though. They found identity politics, a weapon used by the left and people in the media to bludgeon anyone telling the truth.”

“This is not about a name,” he continued. “I don’t care what you call the damn thing. It’s not about a name. This is about the freedom to speak the truth. And the Chinese know they can weaponize our ability to use our media to get us all to silence ourselves, to let the facts disappear down a drain here so that accountability is never had.”

Calling the media “useful idiots,” Bongino asked them to “stop facilitating this ridiculous propaganda effort and just tell the truth.” (RELATED: ‘Why Is It A Racial Slur?’: Things Get Testy When Martha MacCallum Challenges Symone Sanders On ‘Chinese Coronavirus’)

“It seems like the media’s priorities right now are, number one, advance Chinese propaganda, number two dunk on Trump, and then number three, maybe once in a while get some accurate information out about really what has turned into not just a healthcare crisis, but a financial and economic crisis as well,” said Bongino before wondering if the media “thought any of this through” given the challenges faced at this point by ordinary Americans.

“And for free speech we are not going to be subjected to Chinese overlords about how we get to the bottom of the truth about how this plague was unleashed on the world,” he concluded. “I am not doing it, sorry. I would quit my job first, I am not doing it, no way.”