‘That Is A Lie!’ Joe Scarborough Goes On Screaming Rant At Networks For Not Fact-Checking Trump During Live Press Briefings

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Shelby Talcott Media Reporter
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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough began to yell at networks Wednesday for not fact-checking President Donald Trump’s comments during the novel coronavirus press briefings.

Scarborough played clips of Trump during press briefings in February compared to April on “Morning Joe,” showing the differences in what the president has said regarding the novel coronavirus. The MSNBC co-host then began to scream at networks, including his own, for failing to fact check the president.

“So bringing us back, as the president lies so much in these press conferences, I still for the life of me don’t understand why the networks, including our own, allow Donald Trump to lie for two hours to the American people,” Scarborough said. “If he were giving good information, that would be one thing. But that is a LIE!”


Scarborough’s rant came after Trump said that he didn’t see advisor Peter Navarro’s January memo depicting the outcome of a possible pandemic. The president said that he “basically did what the memo said.”

“So if this network or CNN or Fox is going to run him LYING for two hours a night, they need a real-time fact checker!” Scarborough continued. (RELATED: Joe Scarborough And Rick Wilson Get Fooled By Fake Trump Tweet)

The MSNBC co-host continued with his rant, offering suggestions on what networks would need to gather in order to start fact-checking the president in real time. Scarborough said that the press briefings can’t continue to be aired live “unless they have a serious fact checker that cuts in while the president is lying to the American people.”

“We don’t care what you have to say, we don’t care about your editorializing in April,” he continued. “Get his quotes. Get his words! Get his statements! Get the fact that he’s trying to stop Americans from voting in the election by mail!”

Scarborough ended his rant by saying that Trump isn’t “trying to succeed.” He accused the president of “spreading misinformation” and of only being concerned about covering up “all the mistakes he’s made” regarding the novel coronavirus.

“These can’t continue unless they have a serious fact checker that cuts in while the president is lying to the American people!” according to Scarborough. “If he gives facts, great, I’m all for it. I said from the beginning of this we’re all in this together. I said from the beginning, I want the president to succeed because when he succeeds, we succeed and Americans don’t die! But he’s not succeeding! He’s not trying to succeed!”

“In fact, he’s spreading misinformation, he’s trying to cover up all the mistakes he’s made over the past two months instead of looking forward, trying to save senior citizens lives in Florida, in Arizona, in Wisconsin, in Michigan, in Pennsylvania, in Ohio, in North Carolina, in all these states he actually gives a damn about.”