EXCLUSIVE: China Uses Coronavirus Pandemic As ‘Quid Quo Pro’ To Develop 5G Contracts

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Caitlin McFall Video Journalist
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The Daily Caller’s Caitlin McFall sat down with Ian Prior, spokesperson for 5G Action Now, a nonprofit that aims to deploy 5G capacity for the entirety of the United States, and addressed why this needs to be executed before China can.

“The Chinese communist party has been subsidizing companies like Huawei to the tune of like $75 billion, giving them a leg up, and going out and getting 5G contracts to places like the United Kingdom.”

China is “ahead of the game” according to Prior, they are closer to developing widespread 5G capabilities. (RELATED: How The Chinese Government Is Controlling Coronavirus Coverage)

But the threat is not just that the US is behind in deploying this service, but that China can use Huawei to track the data transmitted through 5G networks, as sophisticated forms of espionage.

China is now reportedly making large donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and aid in countries like Italy, where they are vying for 5G contracts.

“The idea that China would utilize or try to leverage coronavirus to have essentially a state-run company like Huawei donating their benevolence to countries they’re also seeking 5G contracts for, and we’ve seen reports that this has been a not so subtle quid pro quo, I think is concerning.”

Tune in to see how 5G can improve the lives of Americans, and protect the United States national security.