Biden Delegate Candidate Wants FBI To Investigate Journalists Who Broke Tara Reade Story

REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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A potential delegate for former Vice President Joe Biden said Saturday that the FBI should investigate the journalists who broke Tara Reade’s story.

Lindy Li was responding to the news that Reade, a former Senate aide who has accused Biden of sexual assault, admitted that she did not use the term “sexual harassment” in the complaint she says that she filed. (RELATED: ‘I Don’t Need A Lecture’: Pelosi Scolds Reporter For Comparing Biden Accusation To Kavanaugh)

Li claimed in a tweet that Reade’s story was a “fraud” and that the journalists responsible for going ahead with her story were a part of that “fraud” as well.

“Now that Tara Reade’s story has completely imploded, I hope the @FBI investigates @NathanJRobinson @kthalps @ryangrim for their role in this fraud,” Li tweeted, adding, “Tara or whatever your actual name is, you have gravely harmed real #metoo survivors #IBelieveBiden #IBelieveJoe #TaraReadeIsALiar.”

The Intercept’s Ryan Grim responded to Li, saying that although Reade admitted that she had not used the specific words “sexual harassment” in her complaint, she had described an interaction that would be interpreted as such. “Maybe call the cops back and tell them to stand down for now,” he added.