Denzel Washington Used To Give Famous Movie Speeches At His Son’s Football Games

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John David Washington revealed his father Denzel Washington used to give pep talks before his youth football games in an interview published Thursday by Esquire.

John David recalled playing tackle football in seventh grade with his dad as the coach, according to Esquire. After John David began hesitating before tackling, Denzel reportedly had him practice hits on a punching bag for what he said felt like an entire night.

John David told Esquire it felt like a scene straight out of “He Got Game,” in which Denzel played the dad of a potential basketball star. (RELATED: LeBron James Reveals His Favorite Denzel Washington Movie. Was It A Good Choice?)

During the game, Denzel gathered all the players around for a pep talk. The talk sounded familiar to John David, according to Esquire.

“This is from the Malcolm X speech, right?” John David told Esquire he thought at the time.

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Going into the family business—acting—wasn’t an easy decision. In fact, several family members, including his uncle, tried talking John David out of it. “What he told me…it scared the hell out of me,” Washington remembers. “He was right. I could be a coach, I could be a teacher, I could do that. But it scared me because that means you’ve been running from this. You use football as an excuse. You really wanted to do this even before football. It just so happened football kept working for you. But if you go and be a teacher, or work in the business field, you will forever regret this. That’s what was scaring me.” JDW stars in this summer’s Christopher Nolan blockbuster, ‘Tenet.’ (In theaters July 17.) Photos: @dmillzzz Full story available at the link in our bio.

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First of all, having Denzel be your father would be cool in and of itself. Having him gather you and your friends around to give a speech out of one of his most famous movies has to feel pretty amazing.

I also think having Denzel be your father could be scary. You have so much to live up to and an expectation to be someone just as great.