Fire Department And EMS Report Show George Floyd Was ‘Unresponsive, Pulseless’ When Help Arrived

(Credit: Screenshot/CBS News Video)

Nicholas Elias Contributor
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A report released by the Minneapolis Fire Department on Wednesday indicates that George Floyd was lifeless when medical assistance arrived.

Paramedics attempted for nearly an hour to resuscitate George Floyd after he was found lifeless. An incident report by the Minneapolis Fire Department shows that police officers had told emergency medical services (EMS) that he had “trauma to his mouth.” (RELATED: Minneapolis Mayor Requests National Guard After Protests Turn Violent)

Those who arrived at the scene after Hennepin County Medical Care medics had removed Floyd from the scene were told by bystanders that the police had killed the man, according to the report. The report also says that bystanders were upset, but not unruly. An self-described off-duty firefighter near the scene reportedly told respondents he saw Floyd go from “struggling to unresponsive.”

According to the Star Tribune, emergency dispatch audio from the ambulance with Floyd said “Thirties, male, was being detained by PD … was on a … was a cardiac arrest upon EMS arrival, apparently doing CPR, getting access, getting vitals, bagging, calling ACLS (advanced cardiovascular life support), we’ll be there in six minutes, red medical, COVID symptoms are unknown.”

Floyd received an electric shock to the chest, and lifesaving measures continued after Floyd arrived at the hospital. His condition did not change. “He still had an outside chance,” EMS Chief at Hennepin Healthcare Marty Sheerer told the Star Tribune.

“Even if it’s a super long shot, you’ve got to try your best.” Scheerer continued to say that he believes that paramedics and staff did everything they could.

“They do feel a lot of sorrow because of this,” said Scheerer, who met with the paramedics who attempted to save Floyd’s life. “Our hearts go out to Floyd’s family and friends.”

George Floyd was arrested by police officers for alleged forgery. A bystander’s video shows a police officer pinning Floyd to the ground and putting his knee on Floyd’s neck after he supposedly became violent during the arrest.