HART: Let’s Not Forget There Is Still A Presidential Election Going On

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Ron Hart Contributor
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As blue state governors financially burden their citizens by not allowing businesses to open up, a presidential race is going on. These Dem officials seem to be drunk with power. It would be better for us if they were just drunk. There have not been this many Democrat governors and mayors roughing up people and booting them out of restaurants since 1960.

It is curious how views on the length of time we should stay shut down because of COVID-19 break along party lines. Each side has a different view of life and on when it is safe to reopen. The left are in total political lockstep about shutting down and act like they are saving lives. They say they do not want to start the economy back up until there is zero risk … of Trump’s reelection.

I know there is a risk of this virus getting worse before it gets better. CDC and National Institutes of Health officials warn us that the second wave of celebs singing on Zoom and giving us inspirational messages that “We are all in this together” could be worse than the first.

There is so much hype around COVID-19 and the real risks it presents. We are all scared way more than the facts dictate. And our reaction, to destroy our economy, will prove that the cure was worse than the disease.

Democrats know that shutting down businesses is the only thing that could damage Trump’s reelection bid. Leaking the Access Hollywood tape didn’t work, Stormy Daniels/Avenatti didn’t work, leaked FBI documents didn’t work, the Russian collusion hoax didn’t work and the staged whistleblower Ukraine call didn’t work.  Now Dems are trying a last ditch political dirty trick: we all don’t work.

There is nothing wrong with this country right now that turning off 24-hour cable news shows wouldn’t help. The good news is that we in the South do not take instructions on how to live our lives from New York and D.C. media elites. They seem to have this spooky view of everything, and they are always wrong. Their view, which aligns with that of blue state governors, is that we all must lock ourselves in our houses until they are assured nothing bad will ever happen to anyone, or until Trump gets out of office — whichever comes first.

The left strikes the pious pose that they are saving thousands from COVID-19 deaths, although the data doesn’t conclusively bear this out. Lefties self-righteously remind us that every life matters. This is coming from the same people who are Ok with almost 650,000 abortions per year in the U.S. and 56 million of them worldwide. So for those keeping score at home, a few thousand 85-year-olds with pre-existing conditions dying is what they might be saving us from.  But for millions of babies who never got to live their lives? No problem.

The media is so intent on defeating Trump that he is actually not running against the hapless Joe Biden. Trump is running against the media, public sector unions, plaintiffs’ lawyers, the nefarious DNC and their propensity for dirty tricks, and Trump himself.

Biden is better served hiding in his basement anyway, so this pandemic suits him well. It also helps him to appeal to millennials who live in their parents’ basements and see no vision of moving out any time soon.

Then there is the telling comment Biden made on an African American radio show: If you do not vote for him, you are not black. It fits the narrative Democrats have always had that they own the black vote. Any thinking for yourself that might lead you to leaving the Democrat plantation is tamped down quickly. The reality is, blacks have fared better under Trump than in eight years of Obama/Biden.

Biden lies a lot about his academic record, his association with accuser Tara Reade, his son, his involvement in unmasking Lt. General Flynn, and pretty much everything else. I would say strap him to the 99% accurate polygraph machine and ask him a few questions. However, he has been a politician for nearly half a century and lies so much that putting him on that machine might void the warranty.

With Trump and Biden running for President, the good news for me during this pandemic is that op-ed humorists should be considered “essential workers.”

A libertarian syndicated op-ed humorist, award-winning author and TV commentator. He can be reached at Ron@RonaldHart.com or on Twitter @RonaldHart.