Is It Really A Surprise That The Best Blender On The Market Is American-Made?

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When it comes to blenders there is one word that most kitchen connoisseurs associate with superior performance: Vitamix. Many other blenders offer good performance, good aesthetics and some great bells and whistles in some cases, but Vitamix carries a label we can trust is associated with the highest standard of quality: American-Made

Vitamix’s Secret To Success?

Vitamix's blade is constructed with only the highest quality metals (Photo via Amazon)

Vitamix’s blade is constructed with only the highest quality metals (Photo via Amazon)

Browse Vitamix And See-American Quality For Yourself 

Based in the great state of Ohio, Vitamix is a privately owned company with decades of experience in creating and selling high-performance blenders for consumers and business alike.  The company was founded in 1921 by William Barnard, and has since become one of the most reliable and popular blenders of all times.

If you go off of consumer reviews or the statistics we have on hand about malfunctioning, Vitamix’s are built to last, which is why most consumer’s pass off glowing praise. See the example below:

Why The Ascent Series?

There are several price entry points into Vitamix ownership but one of the best ways to experience the surperior functionality they are known for is the Ascent product series. With self-timing tech, the Ascent Series basically optimizes for whatever you chose to blend.

The Ascent Series also offers a 10 year warranty that ensures your product is protected for the long haul.

There are four models in the Ascent Series:

  • A2300 – This is the basic model with all of the above features along with what you might expect from any Vitamix blender: variable speed control, pulse, clear lid, powerful motor, and four color options.

  • A2500 – The A2500 is a step up from the A2300 with three pre-programmed settings for frozen desserts, hot soups, and smoothies. Just set the dial to one of these programs, and the A2500 senses the container and runs at the ideal speeds for the predetermined amount of time.

  • A3300  – The A3300 doesn’t have any of the pre-programmed settings, but it does have touchscreen controls, and you can program the digital timer to stop after your desired amount of time.

  • A3500 (It has five pre-set programs: cleaning, purees, frozen desserts, hot soups, and smoothies. Plus, you operate the programs using touchscreen controls.

So What Does It Do?

A better question is what can’t it do. The Ascent Series blenders all enable you to make a truly smooth smoothie…but outside of this you can also make lots of other yummy treats and healthy options. You can actually make smooth, homemade peanut butter or other nut butters. You can actually make a soup in it, as in it will heat the ingredients too, and you can puree just about anything. It’s also great for grinding grains into flour and mixing dough and batters, and you can even make specialty food like baby food, tahini, and gelatos!

The Vitamix is true time saver in the kitchen, it allows your output for food creation to go up with less time! (Photo via Amazon)

The Vitamix is true time saver in the kitchen, it allows your output for food creation to go up with less time! (Photo via Amazon)

Why Buy American?

Built for longevity and with American-quality materials, the Vitamix blender may be more expensive than some of its competitors, but it’s higher price tag comes with a quality guarantee that most cheap Chinese knockoffs are unlikely to match. Don’t be mislead by price, you are basically paying for three appliances in one, for less than the price you would have to pay for all three. Since the Vitamix is known for its quality, durability and life span. It may cost more than other blenders, but over time it will cost you less because you won’t have to replace it as often as you would cheaper but lesser quality imported blenders. This pandemic has brought to the fore more than the ever the importance of maintaining, supporting and increasing American manufacturing as dependence on China for essential manufactured goods is proving to be a serious national security risk and the damage to the US economy, by shutting most of it down for two months, means we have to support our fellow Americans even more by supporting their ability to work, especially in well-paying manufacturing jobs. A predominantly service sector economy will not support a population of 320,000,000 people. To support all of us you truly need a vibrant, robust, dynamic economy that has a large and growing manufacturing base, not a shrinking and dying one. So upgrade your kitchen and upgrade America by buying a Vitamix.

The more you can prepare at home with a tool like the Vitamix the less your grocery bill will be (Photo via Amazon)

The more you can prepare at home with a tool like the Vitamix the less your grocery bill will be (Photo via Amazon)

The Bottom Line

So what are you waiting for? If you are thinking about starting to eat healthier, or even if you like to bake, Vitamix represents the highest quality product offering. Not only are you buying a truly great product (just look at the online reviews, they are almost unanimously praiseworthy), but you are rewarding a company that has done right not to just to the consumer, but to the American worker, American manufacturing know-how and to the long-term health of the American economy. While other American consumer goods companies have followed the siren call of greater profits by moving their factories overseas and thumbing their nose to future generations of American’s, who won’t have a manufacturing base to support a robust American job market that supports the American dream, Vitamix has resisted the siren’s call of profit in moving their manufacturing overseas, instead upholding the company’s standard for working conditions and environmental standards!

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