Released Video Reportedly Shows Police Tasing And Beating Man Who Later Died

[Facebook/Screenshot/Public — User: KSLA News 12]

Nicholas Elias Contributor
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A video released Monday reportedly showed Louisiana police officers beating and tasing Tommie McGlothen shortly before he died in police custody.

The video on KSLA showed the interaction between four Shreveport police officers and McGlothen. The video is from the perspective of a bystander who reportedly filmed the altercation April 5. (RELATED: Video Shows Police Arresting Black Man For Dancing)

In the video, police appear to wrestle McGlothen to the ground, throwing several punches in the process. A male and female cop work to keep McGlothen pinned, and the male cop kicked him a few times. The female cop punches McGlothen after he appears to spit in her face.

Another officer hits McGlothen with a baton while other officers later tase McGlothen twice. McGloten can be seen screaming for help and kicking at police officers in the video.

Witnesses said that police were called because McGlothen got into a fight with another man who lives on the same street, according to KSLA. All four officers who were seen in the video have been placed on leave pending investigation, per a statement from Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond.

A second video shows police allegedly putting McGlothen into an ambulance, which supposedly left the scene without lights and sirens on, according to KSLA. The death of McGlothen in police custody happened on April 5, but itwas not publicly reported until 54 days later. 

District Attorney James Stewart said “Upon our initial review of the files, we have found that they are missing reports, statements, downloads, and other vital information that is essential to conduct a thorough and complete review,” according to the AP.

Dr. Todd Thoma, the Caddo Parish Coroner, said in a news release on Tuesday obtained by the AP that McGlothen was “mumbling incoherently” and was exhibiting signs of paranoia. “Police officers used Tasers, mace and nightsticks to control McGlothen, who was agitated and combative and had fought with a homeowner,” said Thoma.

Thoma continued to say that the blunt force exerted on McGlothen by police did not cause his death, per the AP. “Mr. McGlothen had underlying heart disease and clearly was suffering from excited delirium,” said Thoma in the news release, “The combination of these factors caused his death.”

“Shreveport police officers are charged with serving and protecting all of our citizens, that includes those with mental illness,” Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins said in a city council meeting attended by KSLA, “We’re responsible for those in our custody.”

Tommie Dale McGlothen, a black man, was 44 years old.