EXCLUSIVE: We Have Correspondents On The Ground In Seattle’s No Cop Zone. Here’s What It Looks Like

(LEFT: (David Ryder/Getty Images); RIGHT: Daily Caller)

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Daily Caller reporters ventured into Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) to get an exclusive look at what is really going on inside.

“Based on what I’m hearing, [the police] aren’t going to do anything anytime soon,” a bystander is heard saying in the video. He added that this is a decision not made by the police, but instead the city’s leadership.

A tweet sent out asking for tents led to umbrella and food donations, resulting in what appears to be a makeshift flea market. (RELATED: Seattle Mayor: CHAZ Is ‘More Like A Block Party’ Than An ‘Armed Takeover’)

“We don’t accept cash,” an unnamed man explained. “So, if you guys have food in your pantry, come down to CHAZ and donate it.”

Inside CHAZ, there is no government.

“This is not a terrorist act,” the unnamed man emphasized. “I don’t see any terrorism here.”

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