Police Officer Monitoring Protests Saves Choking Baby After Protester Flags Him Down For Help

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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A Palmdale Sheriff’s Station deputy in California saved a choking baby during a Black Lives Matter protest on May 31, and security footage captured the incident.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department shared the video on social media Tuesday, which shows Deputy Cameron Kinsey running to help an 11-month-old baby. The incident occurred in Palmdale, California, according to the department.

“‘None of that other stuff matters,’ said Deputy Kinsey about all the other things going on around him at the time, ‘Just the baby,'” the LA County Sheriff’s Department wrote.

Security footage shows two women running into the frame as Kinsey rushed to meet them in a parking lot. One of the women was carrying “a limp, 11-month-old boy,” the sheriff’s department wrote. (RELATED: Watch: Police Officer Saves 29-Day-Old Baby)


“Paramedics arrived shortly afterward and transported the toddler to the hospital for treatment,” the department added. “It was later determined the little one swallowed a coin, which lodged in his throat and blocked the airway. It was Deputy Kinsey who opened the airway with the mouth sweep procedure and turned the coin sideways, allowing air to pass through.”

Kinsey had been monitoring ongoing protests across the street when the women ran towards him for assistance and he “immediately recognized something was gravely wrong,” the department reported.