Police Arrest Florida Man For Making Death Threats Against Protesters

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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Police arrested a man in Sarasota, Florida for allegedly making threats on his social media accounts to kill Black Lives Matter protesters, numerous sources reported.

Quintin Adkins, 22, was arrested by Sarasota County police Thursday and charged with a single count of written threats to kill. The threats were posted on his Instagram and Snapchat accounts, prompting an investigation beginning June 11 according to the Venice Gondolier.

“Who wants to go to a Black Lives Matters f—ing riot and shoot some s— up, huh?” Adkins says, according to a transcript of one of the videos in a probable cause affidavit reported by the Venice Gondolier. The affadavit has transcripts of a number of the videos. (RELATED: Texas Man Arrested For Racist YouTube Video Threatening To ‘Take Out At Least 200’ Black People)

“You know, s— got me so p—– off right now, bro, I’d love to got a f—ing Black Lives Matter f—ing riot and shoot all over them, every f—ing one of them, let them bleed out and watch them f—ing bleed as I sit there f—ing drinking my f—ing rona, f— you,” the affadavit transcript states, as reported by the Venice Gondolier.

“Just can’t with you people anymore. I can’t wait any f—ing second it’s gonna come. ‘Quintin you’re a racist’ da da da ‘Quintin I can’t wait to see you get your a– beat by a black man or multiple black men,'” another transcript reads. He then reportedly loads and displays his AK-47, holding it up to the camera. “Ha, well first of all: That s— ain’t happening.”

Other videos reportedly show Adkins loading an AK-47 and pointing it out of the front windshield of his vehicle at other vehicles traveling around him. Police found several handguns and rifles in his position, according to the Venice Gondolier.

A news release from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office credited a law that was amended following the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting with giving authorities the legal basis to arrest Adkins for the threats.

Florida State Statute 836.10 Written Threats to Kill was amended in 2018 to include threats to “conduct a mass shooting or an act of terrorism” after originally encompassing only electronic threats to kill. 

“It is thanks to the added language that detectives were able to pursue charges in this investigation,” states a news release issued by the Sheriff’s Office on Friday.