Jake Tapper Presses Jerry Nadler On Impeaching Trump Again Based On Bolton Revelations

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CNN anchor Jake Tapper pressed Democratic New York Rep. Jerry Nadler about impeaching President Donald Trump again based on revelations in former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s new book.

Nadler, however, insisted that another round of impeachment proceedings would be “a waste of time and effort.”

The “State of the Union” interview segment began with Tapper seeming surprised by Nadler’s response to the question of whether he would call Bolton to testify before the House Judiciary Committee.

“No,” Nadler said. “We’re not interested in Bolton’s testimony.”


“Bolton says in his book that President Trump promised him he would stop the investigation into the Turkish bank that the Southern District of New York was doing at the time, which you brought up as a potential reason why Geoff Berman might’ve been fired,” Tapper said. “It sounds as though Bolton has evidence to back that up. But you don’t want to hear him because what, because you’re upset that he didn’t voluntarily testify during impeachment?” (RELATED: US Attorney For Manhattan Geoffrey Berman Refuses To Resign Amid Trump Pressure)

“We may,” Nadler responded. “But we’ll see about that.”

“I mean, do you think that any of these new revelations from Bolton are impeachable?” asked the CNN anchor. “Or is the door closed on impeachment for 2020?”

“Well, I think the president has done a lot of impeachable things including what Bolton’s talking about,” Nadler replied. “But we have an election coming up. We know the Republicans in the Senate will not entertain an impeachment in any event. So that would at this point be a waste of time and effort.”

Nadler also contended that, although he feels like Attorney General William Barr “deserves impeachment,” it would also be a “waste of time.”

“And we have other ways of getting at this,” he added, possibly referring to the upcoming election.