SCHLAPP: Joe Biden Is Either Incapable, Or Unwilling, To Stand Up To The Radical Leftist Mob

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Mercedes V. Schlapp Co-Founder, Cove Strategies
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President Donald Trump is back on the road to energize and connect directly with the American people. The president is most at home when he is outside the swamp, sharing his aspirational vision for the future.

As America continues toward a safe and full reopening, it’s more important than ever before to contrast President Trump’s bold leadership throughout the pandemic and recovery, with Joe Biden’s weakness and blatant attempt to politicize the pandemic for political gain.

While President Trump hosted his first rally in months Saturday from Oklahoma, Biden has now gone 82 days without a press conference and the media should be asking — at what point will Biden subject himself to the scrutiny American voters deserve when considering who to elect as the next President of the United States?

Biden’s weakness and inability to lead the country is a threat to us all. He’s unfit to be president.

While President Trump and his administration focus on safely reopening the greatest economy in the world, Joe Biden continues to lob ineffective attacks from his basement while continuing to try and score cheap political points through divisive rhetoric and fear.

Defunding and dismantling the police is now a serious policy proposal being pushed by leading Democrats, such as Sen. Kamala Harris and Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez, and Joe Biden has been slow to push back in any meaningful way. 

For example, Biden remains silent on the professional anarchists and radical leftists currently occupying a major section of downtown Seattle.

Despite campaign press releases and incomplete statements, Joe Biden owns the radical left’s mission to defund and eliminate law enforcement as the standard bearer for the Democrat Party. By refusing to denounce the dangerous rhetoric of others within his party, Biden is leaving open the door for a future where law enforcement’s ability to protect and serve is severely diminished.

Contrast Biden’s weakness to President Trump’s strength. The president stands with America’s law enforcement communities while recognizing the need to constantly stay up on policies and procedures to keep communities safe and allow law enforcement to do their jobs.

And while Biden is hesitant to criticize objectively dangerous and destructive policies that will hurt the American people, especially the most vulnerable among us, he has no problem criticizing the men and women of law enforcement if he thinks it’ll serve his political ambitions.

In Seattle, police are unable to respond to emergencies, and had to shut down a precinct, which is tripling response times and leading to unresolved criminal behavior.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden remains silent even as Seattle’s Police Chief reports how conditions have quickly deteriorated in what the radical left is calling the “Autonomous Zone.”

“Rapes, robberies and all sorts of violent acts have been occurring in the area and we’re not able to get to them,” Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best recently said.

Joe Biden’s refusal to acknowledge anti-American behavior by radical-left wing provocateurs and professional anarchists behind the violence is telling — he is incapable of leading from the front, choosing instead to capitulate to the radical left in order to advance his own political ambitions.

While President Trump gears up for a full travel schedule to speak directly to the American people, Joe Biden sticks mostly to the basement of his home.

The contrast between President Trump’s pro-growth policies that protect economic opportunity for all Americans, and Joe Biden’s slow-growth, job-killing policies that decimated once great American cities and hurt working families could not be clearer.

President Trump ushered in a new era of innovation, economic opportunity, and economic growth that supercharged the American economy before it was artificially shut down by a global pandemic.

Biden, who has championed policies that shuttered small businesses and cost millions of Americans their jobs, sees the White House as just the next step in his half-century political career.

Mercedes Schlapp is Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. On Twitter, @mercedesschlapp.