Oklahoma Man Shoots Woman For Trying To Steal His Nazi Flag

MARTTI KAINULAINEN/Lehtikuva/AFP via Getty Images

Nicholas Elias Contributor
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An Oklahoma woman was shot multiple times after attempting to steal a man’s Nazi flag from his residence Sunday.

Alexander John Feaster, 44, was arrested for shooting the woman with a rifle and is charged with shooting with intent to kill, as well as assault and battery with a deadly weapon, per Fox 4.

Video shows Feaster had multiple Nazi flags hung around the property and allegedly wore a black outfit with a red swastika armband, according to neighbors interviewed by Fox 4. (RELATED: Porn Company Allegedly Offers To Provide Funding After Under Armour Tries To Ditch UCLA Deal)

The 26-year-old woman was allegedly at a party across the street from Feaster’s home and was dared to steal one of the Nazi flags from the residence, per Fox 4.

“On the way back someone hollered gun,” said Jody Helm, Garfield County Sheriff. “She dropped the flag at the end of the driveway and shots were fired.”

Helm told Fox 4 that deputies decided to search Feaster’s home after his arrest and obtained 14 guns with ammunition. Feaster reportedly did not resist arrest and immediately asked for a lawyer. 

“Wasn’t 100 percent sure if it was fireworks or gunshots, figured out pretty quick it was gunshots,” said a neighbor to Fox 4. “His flags got stolen a couple times when he first put them out but nothing ever came of it. This is the first time it’s ever came to violence.”

“No one likes the flags hanging over there but there’s not much you can do about it,” said another neighbor to News 9, “But I’m not going to judge anyone for trying to go take them down either.”

The district attorney will reportedly decide if the woman involved in the shooting faces criminal charges, per Fox 4.

The Daily Caller spoke to the Garfield County Sheriff’s office and is currently awaiting further information.