Colorado ‘Throuple’ Expecting Baby, Wants The Girlfriend To Help Breastfeed

(Credit: Shutterstock Axel Bueckert)

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A Colorado throuple is planning on having their girlfriend breastfeed their baby.

What started as a one-time threesome turned into a throuple, and they are now expecting a baby, according to an interview published by News.com.au.

Lo and Mike Taylor are expecting the child together, but are finding ways to include girlfriend Jess Woodstock.

“I know some women might be funny about letting another person nurse their child but we want to get as much of each of us in the baby as we can, because it’s a 33 per cent share from each of us,” Lo told the outlet.

“I wanted Jess to be in this baby as much as possible because it will look like me and Mike, so we want as much of her DNA as we can get too,” she added.

Lo and Mike claimed they’ve been trying to have a baby for “over a year.” (RELATED: HGTV Show House Hunters Features A ‘Throuple’ For The First Time)

“Most people have been very sweet and thoughtful but even just a few months ago before we announced the pregnancy, we were seeing comments from people saying things like ‘wait until one of them gets pregnant, we will see what happens then,'” Lo told the outlet.

“But we’ve been trying to have a baby together for over a year and when we found out we were pregnant it was one of the best things that ever happened to the three of us,” she added. “These comments always come from people who wouldn’t be able to handle this themselves, and that’s OK because it’s not for everyone.”

This story is so interesting to me. I didn’t even know it was possible to have a third party person breastfeed your child. The whole story is just fascinating and I’ll admit, I am unsure how there are no jealousy issues here.

To each their own.