Time Capsule Found Underneath Confederate Monument Contains Robert E. Lee Button, Strand Of Hair From His Horse, Experts Believe

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Items located in a time capsule discovered in a corner stone of the base of a confederate monument in North Carolina has got everyone talking.

After Gov. Roy Cooper ordered the removal of the Confederate Soldiers Monument, that has stood on the grounds of the state capitol for 125 years, workers discovered the rusty metal box, per The News [and] Observer of Raleigh in a piece published Thursday. (RELATED: Biden Supports Removing Confederate Statues, Wants To Keep Washington And Jefferson)

“Because the metal box containing the items had rusted through in places, the items contained in the time capsule were severely damaged by the elements,” according to a tweet from the N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. (RELATED: New Orleans Mayor Gets JFK Courage Award For Removing Confederate Statues)

“Items recovered so far include a wooden box, a stone thought to be from Gettysburg, two buttons attached to a piece of textile and a strand of what appears to be horse hair,” a second tweet explained. “Preservation work on these items and the metal box itself has begun.”

According to the report:

A newspaper clip from the Charlotte Democrat, dated May 25, 1894, lists the objects that were placed in the box under the monument. The list was originally published in the Raleigh Observer.

The list includes items typically seen in a time capsule: newspapers from across the state, a map of Wake County, speeches from the monument dedication and a North Carolina almanac.

The newspaper clip can be seen here and mentions that items in the capsule include, a strand of hair from the tail of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee’s horse, a button from Lee’s dress coat and a lock of Lee’s hair.

The box also included items like Confederate money, song books, flags and addresses given during Civil War battles.