NFL Hall Of Fame Coach Tony Dungy Criticizes CNN’s Don Lemon For Claiming Jesus Was A Sinner

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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NFL Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy criticized CNN’s Don Lemon on Thursday after the host claimed on-air that “Jesus Christ admittedly was not perfect when he was here on this earth.”

Lemon made the claim to fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo as he was making a comparison between Jesus and the Founding Fathers. Lemon said that people like former Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson shouldn’t be “deified,” adding that Jesus was “not perfect.”

Dungy called Lemon out for his comments in a tweet Thursday, saying that no one “who believes in the Bible” has “‘admitted’ that Jesus Christ was not perfect here on earth.” (RELATED: Tony Dungy Says America Needs ‘Empathy’ After Riots Spread Across The Country)

“I’m sorry Mr Lemon but just who ‘admitted’ that Jesus Christ was not perfect here on earth? Not anyone who believes the Bible. Not anyone who trusts in Jesus as their savior. I’m not sure the point you’re making but your premise is dead wrong. That was the point in Jesus coming!” Dungy tweeted.

The retired football player and coach responded to a few people who tried to argue that Jesus did sin on earth.

“If you don’t agree with that fact that Jesus was sinless on earth then you can throw out the whole Bible because that’s the premise Christianity stands on,” Dungy wrote to one person. He quoted the Bible to another.

“For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ,” Dungy tweeted, referencing a passage from Corinthians.

Tony Dungy is the author of the book, “Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practice and Priorities of a Winning Life,” a memoir that includes details of his personal faith.