Geraldo Rivera Sees A Potential ‘Clear Path To Reelection’ For Trump

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Fox News contributor Gerald Rivera described what could be a “clear path to reelection” for President Donald Trump during a Thursday night “Hannity” panel segment.

Before turning to Rivera, Fox News host Sean Hannity introduced the topic of increased violent crime in U.S. cities fueled by an anti-policing movement supported by Rivera’s “liberal Democratic friends.”

“My other friends, and never the twain shall meet,” Geraldo joked before contending that the president could be “in real trouble” over the long-term if there is no coronavirus vaccine.


“But in the short-term,” Rivera said, “I’m talking about this summer, this long hot summer, if these shootings continue, if New York continues to metastasize into becoming a South Chicago, the people are going to be so worried, the neighborhood people will be so worried about their own health and wellbeing, their own safety, their children.”

The former talk show host referred to fellow Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones’ reporting to contend that “people want law and order.” (RELATED: ‘The Democratic Party Has Been Hijacked’: Leo Terrell Explains Why He’s Voting For Trump)

“They want to feel safe,” he said. “And if they don’t feel safe, the activists and the big mouths and the crazy conspiracy paranoia that the former Secretary of State [Hillary Clinton] is experiencing, those things are irrelevant. If these folks are feeling secure, I think the president has a clear path to reelection.”