Viral Video Appears To Show Woman Freak Out After Illegally Parking In Tesla Spot

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — User: DUCKIGYALSTAN]

Nicholas Elias Contributor
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A woman was confronted by a Telsa owner for parking her nonelectric car in an electric car spot, according to a video posted July 7.

The incident took place at Sherway Gardens, a mall located in Toronto, Canada, according to Teslarati. The woman in the video posted on Twitter appears to have parked her non-electric vehicle in a spot marked for electric cars only. (RELATED: Dashcam Video Shows Cop Saving A 3-Week-Old Choking Baby)

The video begins with the woman spanking herself, and telling the person filming to “take this.” The woman tells security officers that she is waiting for a person inside the mall who has an appointment with an optometrist following a motorcycle accident.

She later says that she could not see the sign that stated the spot was for electric vehicles only because it was too small and believes she did nothing wrong because of where security parked their vehicles.

The woman then appears to go on the offensive and begins attacking the person filming her. “You’re disgusting and I’m so sick of these young people who think they’re all that” the woman said, “You go on Grindr and do hookups. You show every part of your body and you have no self respect.”

“No person shall park a vehicle in an electric vehicle charging station that is identified by a sign that satisfies the prescribed requirements unless the vehicle is an electric vehicle and the vehicle is attached to the station’s charging equipment,” the Ontario Electric Vehicle Charging Act of 2019 states. Parking a non-electric vehicle in a spot that is reserved for electric vehicles is considered an offense and punishable by a fine of $125.